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A Few Fun Ideas Using The Foam Machine

For some outdoor foam fun in the summer you could hire a bouncy castle and fit up one or two foam machines to pour or spray foam onto the people bouncing inside. This will also keep the foam contained in one area allowing it to build up into a deep pile as high as the people. You would have to wash the bouncy castle off afterwards so as to not upset the hire people!

Another idea is to set up an above ground swimming pool or large deep paddling pool in the garden and fix the foam machines in place to fill the pool and cover the people with foam. You would need to set up some steps for people to get in and out.
You could also set up a slide going into the foam near one end then the people could slide down into the foam and disappear under it for a while. It would be best to cover the area between the steps and the slide with plastic or something to prevent dirt and rubbish sticking to people and getting in the foam.

If you only have a small garden you could fill your patio with foam.
You might need to fix up sheets of plastic around the edges to stop it spreading too far.
The foam machine could by set up at a window above to let the foam pour down onto the partiers.

If your party is when the weather is bad and you have a smallish room that is not used alot you could remove the furniture and cover the carpet and the walls with plastic sheets to keep them dry.
The foam Machine could be set up in a corner near the door to spray the foam across the room.
You might have a small problem with people taking small amounts of foam around the house but it should not damage them.

A mad idea if there are only about 3 or 4 of you is to make a 6 -7 foot tall area wide enough to hold all of you with a little space to move in out of plastic or wood with a door of some type. Then set up the foam machine or machines around the top, letting the foam pour down onto you. You all then get inside, close the door and get totally covered in foam until it reaches the top of your heads. For safety reasons you either need another person outside to switch the foam machine on and off or a timer to stop it when the area is full,(the last person in would start the timer just before they entered).

If you have any other ideas e-mail me with them and I will post them here.