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Here is a list of foam machines available from various places.
I have included a guide price to give you an idea of how much they cost.

A good Foam Machine is available from DJ Kit, it produces a good quantity of foam. It is suitable for small parties, for a club see the ones below. The machine costs 119.00 and the liquid is 19.99 for a 5 litre bottle. The fluid can be diluted down to about 6 or 8 to 1. 5 litres will last about 15 minutes and will produce a good sized heap of foam, about 4 cubic metres. Unlike some foams it does not sting your eyes and does not make you sticky.

The foam pours out the front like a waterfall, if you want to make it fly across the room you can fit a pipe over the foam outlet,this will spray the foam about 6, 8 or even 12 foot (upto 4m) depending on the pipe size(the narrower the pipe the greater the distance). You could also cover part of the end of the machine with something just leaving a gap at the top.

It is also available from other companies on the where to buy page at about $400.

It is also available from other places including
Attraction Systems Inc

The Strong Foam Canon

Here is another great foam machine, it can spray foam upto 8m from the nozzle. It produces about 7.5m3 per minute, that's enough to fill a 10m (32ft) square area to 1.5m (5ft) deep in around 20 minutes!! That is with no people in there, so with people they would be covered to neck height in about 10 minutes. It is expensive, at about 3500 ($4500-5000) but if a group of you want to have loads of foam parties you could buy one between you.

The MBN Junior

The Junior pictured above is idea for smaller areas or clubs as it produces about 3 cubic metres per minute.

See it in use at
Lucy's Summer Foam Party.

Available for about 1700. ($2400)
You will need a storage tank for the fluid, it uses about 15 litres of fluid a minute. It needs to be hung from the roof by strong fixings. A 10m hose feeds the fluid to it, electric feed for fan.

This is the MBN 630 foam machine, it is the largest one in a range of about 4 different machines. It is priced at 5000 ($7000)

Available from
Hard To Find Records

Also available the F300
at 2490 ($5500)

The other machines are more suited to clubs as they produce very large amounts of foam.

For more places to get foam machines click here

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